Introduced in the early 17th century, the flintlock pistol enjoyed popularity for 200 more years. An arm any guns aficionado will recognize as a true classic, flintlock-style guns—pistols, muskets, and rifles—were first constructed by a French courtier for King Louis XIII, but soon found their way into the hands of American outlaws and soldiers alike. Armor Venue is proud to present a catalogue of flintlock replicas based on various designs throughout history. When you browse our selection, you'll encounter Italian percussion models, 18th century German pistols, Lewis & Clark flintlocks, Napoleonic flintlock pistols, and even a Spanish 17th century model. You can commemorate the crossing of the Delaware with a display replicate of Washington's favorite pistol, pay tribute to a lost world with our English Dueling Flintlock Pistol boxed set, or “remember the Alamo” with our Alamo Collection Framed Set. Looking through the assortment of available flintlocks is like taking a journey through space and time.