After the peg leg and the hook arm, the cutlass is the most famous pirate accessory. Armor Venue has a swashbuckling selection of cutlasses, modeled after actual historical artifacts so that you can hold (almost) the same sword in your hands as Long John Silver before you. Smaller than average swords, cutlasses were perfect for hand-to-hand combat aboard a ship, whether one was defending treasure or plundering someone else's. We have a respectable selection of cutlasses and cutlass accessories aboard our Pirate Swords page, including a French marine cutlass, pirate cutlass with brass and silver finishes. We even offer a pirate sword hanger so that you can keep your cutlass at your side constantly—just like a real pirate. Each of our pirate swords is crafted with a keen eye for historical accuracy and detail, making our replicas perfect for period pieces such as stage plays, films, or reenactments. A must-have for any buccaneer with a penchant for pirate replicas.