In addition to the infamous cutlass, pirates also used flintlock pistols, particularly the blunderbuss flintlock. The blunderbuss takes its name from the Dutch words for “thunder pipe,” so-called because of the raucous noise it made upon firing. Early versions of the gun were decorated with a dragon carving around the muzzle, which was intended to give the impression of a fire breathing dragon, and from which the name “dragoon” derives. Often elaborately designed and engraved, these pistols represented the lavish and decadent riches a pirates' plundering lifestyle could afford, a show of bravado and illicit status that mocked the blue-blooded fleets of the Spanish and French empires. Among our varied selection of pirate weapons is a replica of an 18th century pirate flintlock pistol and a deluxe flintlock blunderbuss model. While they are excellent collector's items, these dangerous yet elegant flintlocks are also perfect, historically accurate replicas ideal for reenactments and media productions such as films or plays.