En guarde! One of the most popular and distinguished of the Western martial arts, fencing has been practiced for hundreds of years in different forms. So popular was the art of fencing that schools dedicated to teaching it sprang up across Europe, despite a ban on fencing schools. Light, thin, and quick, fencing swords like rapiers were at the sides of many young men, allowing self-defense in the event of a tarvern brawl, or a heated duel over a fair lady. Our selection of rapiers and broad swords cover a range of historical rapier styles. For example, we offer a breathtaking replica of the ornate German 17th century Papem Heimer Rapier, developed during the Thirty Years War to be flexible enough for cut-and-thrust action but light enough for point work. We also carry a gorgeous reproduction of the Patton Saber, personally designed by General Patton as a cavalry sword, though as the nature of war changed with World War I, making sabers and swords less necessary.