The 1st century historian Josephus once remarked that Roman people were born ready armed, and it is even suggested that for much of its history, Rome existed solely to support and fund the Roman military. Conquering two continents and establishing one of the largest empires in the ancient world, ancient Rome is known almost singularly for its formidable, precisely disciplined army. With that in mind, who wouldn't want to dress up as a soldier in the greatest army the world has ever known? While light infantry wore little armor to allow free movement, shielded only by a Roman Tunic, legionary soldiers and centurions were given the superior protection of the Lorica Hamata, which provided good coverage across the body. We offer all of these and more, including the iconic blue Gladiator tunic, the Lorica Segmentata, plated armor unique to the Roman Empire. When you're not reenacting the triumphs and battles of Caesar, you can use our Armor Stand to display your replica of the magnificent armor that won an empire. Our Roman helmets will also make a great addition to your armor. Please view our Roman shields to see our other items and complete your costume or collection.

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