Europe may have its valiant knights, but Japan has fearsome samurai. While samurai means “those who serve the nobility,” these fierce warriors became a class unto themselves, immortalized in poems, legends, and films. Donning fearful masks with faces contorted, perhaps, in a cry to war, samurai armor was designed equally to provide protection and inspire fear in the enemy. Our samurai armor is fully wearable, presented in a handsome lacquered armor box. If samurai armor isn't part of your dress code, it also comes with a wooden frame to support a magnificent display: you'll impress your friends whether you wear it or not. Our extensive range of armor represents all of the most famous and legendary samurai throughout Japanese history. From Date Masamune, a fierce and calculating one-eyed tactician, to Oda Nobunaga, one of the most brutal samurai of his time, responsible for the unification of Japan. If you are looking for samurai swords, we carry one of the largest selections online.