In Ancient Rome, gladiators weren't allowed to choose their weapons. Some were assigned nets and tridents, while others only had a shield to defend themselves. Luckily, you have the luxury of choosing from our wide selection of Roman weapons, from the traditional Roman Spatha to the grisly-looking Axe of Tigris. The most emblematic Roman weapon, however, is the gladius, from which gladiators took their name. Adapted from the Celiberians during the Roman conquest of Hispania in 17 BC. Once it took hold, no Roman legionary was seen without one. A perfect thrusting weapon in battle, the gladius was also used for domestic tasks such as chopping food or wood. We have a number of gladii on offer, from the plain Roman Gladius to the opulent Pompei Gladius with brass fittings and an ornamental scabbard. If you've got your eye on our Roman weapons for reenactment or stage productions, why not complete the look with our other Roman accessories such as belts and baldrics? Whatever your needs, we're sure to have something that will bring out the gladiator within.