While shields have always been decorated to represent a group or army, the designs on the fronts of medieval shields rose to an intricate and significant art. Heraldic symbols weren't just for decoration: often called the “shorthand of history,” coats of arms on shields helped to identify a knight when his face was hidden by armor through religious and family emblems. Armor Venue offers faithful replicas of some of the most esteemed shields. From the dark elegance of the Charles V shield to Richard the Lionheart's iconic English red-and-white shield, we have a catalogue of historically accurate, beautifully detailed shields. Whether it's Crusade shields, Norman shields, or royal shields, we have it. Many are full-sized shields, while others are slightly scaled down. While these shields are constructed primarily for display, those made with thicker wood or metal can be used for battle reenactments. For combat-ready shields made of 16-gauge steel, see our SCA Battle Shields page. If you want SCA combat ready shields made of heavy duty 16 gauge steel, please go to our SCA Battle Shields page.

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