While we often think of the Civil War battlefield as dominated by cannons and gunfire, swords were still played a significant role in combat. Confederate and Union soldiers both brandished beautifully stylized and highly ornate swords and sabers whose beauty belied their deadly force. While soldiers relied on revolvers and gradually replaced swords with firearms, swords were quick and readily available when it came to hand-to-hand combat. Our selection of swords represents a wide array of swords manufactured during the Civil War. From cavalry to foot soldier, government-issue swords were given to every branch of the military at the time. The gentle, subtle curve of the saber-like swords is a hallmark of cold arms used at the time, upon whose design our replicas are based. From the swept hilt of the heavy cavalry saber to the U.S. Staff and Field Officer's sword, all of our swords are made with an eye for historical accuracy and the careful consideration of detail.