Considered the genesis of modern warfare due to technological advancement and innovations in mass production, the Civil War was one of the first wars where the use of firearms supplanted the use of swords in close combat. Armor Venue offers a vast assortment of Civil War replica rifles, revolvers, and pistols, like our Civil War Pistol With Antique Gray Finish is baed on the original government-issued M1860 Army Revolver, used by both sides of the war. Our Civil War Musket and Musketoons are crafted in the likeness of the original Enfield models—they are even given the stamp of the London Armoury to lend extra historical weight to the piece. If you're looking for something really special, check out our Deluxe Gettysburg boxed or framed sets, both of which feature a gorgeous reproduction print of an etching depicting a scene from the decisive Battle of Gettysburg. Most of these weapons are non-firing replicas, so make sure to check the details at the bottom of each description.