Late Roman Spatha

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Late Roman Spatha
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Product Description

The spatha was a type of straight sword with a long point, measuring between 0.75 and 1 m in use throughout 1st millennium Europe and the territory of the Roman Empire until about 600 CE. Later swords through about 1000 CE are recognizable derivatives, though not spatha. Our replica is superb, made by world renown manufacturer Deepeeka. The sword is historically accurate and authentic, with extreme attention to detail. This sword features a carbon steel blade that can be sharpened on its own.

Of completely unknown origin, the spatha of literature appears in the Roman Empire in the 1st century as a weapon of presumed Germanic auxiliaries and went on from there to become a standard heavy infantry weapon, relegating the gladius to use as a light infantry weapon. There is no evidence that the spatha was used exclusively for slashing. It apparently simply replaced the gladius in the front ranks, giving the infantry more reach in thrusting.


  • Made by Deepeeka
  • Authentic Styling
  • Hand-forged blade
  • Includes scabbard