Carry your swords in style with our selection of belts and scabbards. Made of quality materials such as top-grain leather, all of our belts are fully adjustable. If you're a would-be knight of the Round Table, our subtle but elegantly embossed Arthurian Leather Belt might be for you. Those with simpler tastes will fine our Leather Twin Belt and Leather X Belt appealing with their rugged but eye-catching designs. If you make a habit of carrying a basket-hilted sword or hand-and-half (and why wouldn't you?), our Broadsword Belt are a perfect solution: modeled on 13th century originals, it has adjustable loops to fit a variety of scabbards and is available in both right- and left-handed versions. Belts are a perfect way to keep your sword at your side or your tankard. Keep your sword protected from the elements with our classic but practical scabbards. Our LARP Scabbards come in three different sizes: dagger, medium length swords, and large length swords.