Throughout history, humans have recruited household objects as weapons. Simple, effective, and cheap, axes were no exception. In ancient and medieval times, axes were used for far more deadly purposes than cutting firewood. The battle axe could hack harms and legs as easily as it could chop trees into kindling—for a fraction of the cost and effort it took to produce a sword. The battle axes that continue to capture the popular imagination are those wielded by the Vikings. Unique to Viking age warriors, the bearded axe could be held directly behind the head, balancing out the weight and providing a wider cutting surface than other axes. We have several bearded axes based on original designs, including our Short Bearded Axe, 17th Century Viking Battle Axe, and a Bearded Axe with Antique Finish. Move through history and across Europe with our Classic Medieval Battle Axe, 13th Century German War Axe, and our exquisitely detailed, historically accurate replica of the Mammen Axe.