When we think of medieval warfare, we usually think of swordsmen and archers. But medieval weapons weren't limited to swords and bows and arrows. A grisly age called for grisly weapons, and the medieval arsenal didn't disappoint. Long pikes were used to pick off cavalry soldiers—Swiss pikemen in particular were known for their adept and brutally effective formations. Armor Venue's own arsenal contains a replica of just such a 17th Century Swiss Halberd, used when the battle took a more serious, defensive turn. For peasant recruits who couldn't afford swords and pikes, a little more imagination was involved. Flails used for threshing wheat turned to deadly weapons—one of the most popular arms of the French Revolution. One of the most ancient weapons—the first to be invented specifically for warfare—is the mace. Crafted from spikes of obsidian and flint, maces quickly evolved into more sophisticated weapons, adding flanges to pierce and crush even the strongest of plated armor. Our Spike Club Flailand Spike Club Mace are fine examples such weapons. Off the battlefield, assassins, disgruntled courtiers, and political opportunists wielded easily concealed weapons like our Medieval Dagger with Silver Finish. Our medieval weapons selection is as varied and interesting as the fascinating and often brutal histories they represent.