One of the greatest and largest empires the world has ever seen, Rome achieved its unparalleled success due in large part to their superior weapons—and their methods of wielding them. Roman soldiers often carried two pila, using one pilum two throw if necessary, and a heavier one with which to charge at the enemy. During the Parthian campaign, some soldiers even used them for hand-to-hand combat. Our Weighted Roman Pilum is faithful to some of the pila depicted on Roman frescoes, used to maximize the piercing power of the spear, while our Thin Roman Pilum recreates the lighter ones used for throwing. History enthusiasts will be aware of the power of the Roman dagger, which felled great generals and emperors, most famously Julius Caesar. Our Roman Decorator Dagger is a gorgeous example of such weapons, which, when not used as instruments of political intrigue, where a Roman soldier's last line of defense in battle.