The katana or samurai sword is the most iconic of samurai weapons. But samurai also used spears, daggers, and sabers—and wielded them with the unparalleled skill and lightness of touch they're known for. Armor Venue carries a varied selection of samurai weapons, such as the elegant Yari Spear, a heavy and sizable weapon that required strength and power to wield. We also offer an Okinawan speciality—and it has nothing to do with their famed soba noodles. The Sai Dagger is a two-pronged, trident-shaped weapon used in martial arts. The Naginata Spear is another sword alternative, a jagged saber-like blade used by warrior monks as far back as 750 AD. Ours has an elegant, delicately etched dragon along the blade, a symbol of strength and nobility. Whether you prefer spear or sword, you're sure to find something you love among our assortment of samurai weapons.