From Assyrian boar tusks to Ancient Greek bronze, helmets have provided crucial protection in battle as early as 1600 BC. As weapons became more powerful and capable of more damage, helmets had to keep up the pace. By WWI, helmets were developed to deflect the shock from explosions and other artillery fire. Years later, WWII would give birth to one of the most famous—and most collectible—helmets ever made: the M1 helmet. Made of steel and painted an olive camouflage green, the M1 helmet could be used not only for protection, but also as a bucket for water, a seat, and a cooking pot when times were desperate. Helmets such as these were used by Allies and Germans alike. Armor Venue proudly offers replicas of such helmets, including the German paratrooper helmet, an early WWI German helmet, and even a pre-WWI German helmet. We also offer helmet accessories, such as the camouflage paratrooper helmet cover. Great for display and ideal for props or reenactments.

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