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Chainmail Armor

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While we may think of medieval chainmail as a primitive form of body armor, in its heyday, it was a soldier's best defense against a foe, as it protected their skin from being pierced by a sword or spear. Although it was later replaced by plate armor, a knight decked out in chainmail armor, perhaps sporting a crusader's tunic, is a popular image of medieval military life.

Historically, chainmail was developed through a process of making wire out of steel. After the wire portion was complete, the blacksmith then formed the wires into interlocking rings with a hand-cranked machine. An overlapping ring system with interlinking rows of rings was the most common and strongest method of chainmail armor.

We offer tightly-woven medieval chainmail in aluminum and steel, ranging from a simple coif or headpiece, to full length chainmail with hood.

If you already have a few different chainmail pieces but want to complete your suit, we also offer chainmail gauntlets, half sleeves, chausses, shirts, and voiders. Strong and flexible, our mail is able to withstand supervised contact reenactment. In addition to our straightforward, plain mail, we also carry more ornamental gold and leather detailed coifs for a touch of elegance.

Our mail comes in a wide range of styles like count, earl, baron, knight, squire, soldier, mercenary, and infantry, so you can make the perfect chainmail addition to your existing warrior collection. Perfect for the reenactment field and LARP, you'll cut an impressive figure decked out in full medieval chainmail regalia that exudes authenticity and historical accuracy, while also serving as an excellent protectant from injury.