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Greek Swords and Weapons

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For ancient Greek warriors, having the right sword was key to victory and the development of Greek swords changed with the needs of the fighter. During the Archaic age, swords were straight-edged and made from bronze or copper. Next came the Classic age which ushered in iron swords, including the one handed, double-edged xiphos, as well as the pole arm. On the tail end was the Hellenistic age which built upon the swords of the previous ages, finding ways to make them even more effective in war. The Greeks were true craftsmen, but you don’t have to live in ancient times to get your hands on one of their swords. With Armor Venue’s line of Greek Swords and weapons, many options lie at your finger tips, including xiphos, kopis, falcate, short swords, long swords, and more.

Whether battling a mythological creature, keeping watch in the city, or fighting a war, you’ll need the perfect weapon to protect against the enemy and our line of Greek swords and weapons is sure to please. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call at 1-800-315-0377.

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