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Armor Venue carries a variety of Medieval swords to choose from. Medieval swords in general date back to 500 AD through 1500 AD. Also known as arming swords (which tended to be shorter in length) or battle swords (which were longer), medieval swords come in a wide variety of styles with respect to the pommel, blade, and forging patterns. Some pommels may be larger (such as that of the two-handed sword), shorter (as with the one-handed sword), and decorative (your traditional medieval sword). Other styles of swords that fall into this genre include: Arabian swords, cutlasses (or short swords), and scabbards (such as those identified with the musketeers). Our medieval sword section also includes practice or display swords made of wood and/or latex. Should you require accessories we also carry maintenance kits, oils, and cases (both in a large/small variety). Should you have any questions about our products, please email us or give us a call at 612-562-9923.