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Civil War Replica Cannon

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Heavy, bulky, and time-consuming to load, cannons were still capable of inflicting maximum damage on the enemy. Despite their inconveniences, cannons were so indispensable that they were built into warships and dragged onto the battlefield by horses. Cannon blows were exchanged often between the Confederates and the Union. The North had a distinct advantage, with a huge manufacturing industry that enabled them to mass produce artillery weapons, while the Confederates had no such resources, and also suffered from Union blockades that prevented them from receiving foreign shipments of arms. Indeed, many say that the victories at Gettysburg and Antietam were in large part due to the skilled use of artillery weapons. Armor Venue proudly presents a selection of historically accurate cannons, reproduced from original designs down to the very last detail. Our cannons, such as the 12 Pounder cannon, may be scaled down in size, but are identical to the originals down to the metal chains and coiled rope breechings.

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