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Medieval Armor

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You won't have to run a deadly gantlet to find the perfect medieval armor. Chest plates, backplates, gorgets and greaves are just some of the items you'll find in our extensive range of historically accurate protective gear. From Gothic breastplates to full Epic Warrior armor, each piece is painstakingly crafted with astonishing detail. Each product is fully functional while maintaining a sophisticated sense of aesthetics, perfect for wearing in reenactments or for use as a decorative piece. Arm bracers to deflect blows, intricate gauntlets to show off your status and protect your hands, pauldrons to wear when you joust, and complete armor sets for a comprehensive look are all on offer. We even have child-sized gorgets for your fledgling warriors. Whether you want to dress up your home or deck yourself out in medieval garb, you're sure to find something that appeals to the noble knight that lies within you. If you are looking for full suits of armor, head over to that page. We also have an extensive collection of medieval helmets.