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Roman Shields - Scutums

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The Romans didn't build the biggest empire in Western history by sitting around in togas. Their tortoise formation employed the square Roman shield, or scutum, with great success. Soldiers would position their shields at their sides, while the first row would hold the shields in front of them, and the men in the middle would place their shields over their heads. This resulted in a formation that was virtually impenetrable by missiles such as arrows or spears. We carry the iconic Roman scutum in sturdy 18-gauge steel as well as a thick, wooden brass-line version. Both are perfect for stage and media productions, or light reenactments. We also offer buckler shield used by archers and other light infantrymen as well as a wooden, hand-painted Praetorian Cavalry Shield, carried by the feared Praetorian guards of Rome, personal security to the emperors. Each of our Roman shields are produced with historical accuracy and exacting detailed, hand-painted and full-sized for a realistic look.

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