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Descend to the Bargain Dungeon for some brutally good deals. These items are overstock, special sale, or slightly damaged items that are still perfectly fit for use. Scoop up an overstock Corinthian Helmet with Red Plume and save almost $91. If you're looking for a chestpiece, search no further?we have Silver Muscle Armor on sale at over half price, Golden Muscle Armor for $200 off, and a stunning, considerably discounted, Lorica Segmentata II. If accessories are what you need, we also have gorgeous shields to complement costumes and collections. From Roman armor to fearsome Viking helmets, our Bargain Dungeon offers a comprehensive sampling of every Armor Venue category. All of our items are fully functional, and many of them come with free shipping. You won't have to pay a princely sum to furnish your armory or reenact in style.

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