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It wasn’t just the adults who got to dress in style during the Renaissance. The children got to join in as well. As the saying goes, “like father, like son”, boys’ attire emulated their fathers. Typically, they would be seen in shirts with billowy sleeves, a doublet, breeches and close fitting jose. Following the fashions of their mothers, girls wore layers consisting of a chemise, a corset, a bodice, and a dress or gown, as well as stockings. Staying true to period style, boys and girls clothing was also colorful. Though the Renaissance has passed, it’s fashion lives on with Armor Venue’s line of children’s clothing. Featuring attire for boys and girls, your kids’ next costume will be set.

Whether dressing as a noble or peasant, our selection of children’s Renaissance clothing will make going to a Renaissance fair an enjoyable experience for the whole family to be a part of. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call us at 1-800-315-0377.

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