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Best Deals in Cavalry, Officer, and Naval Swords


Armor Venue Calvary, Officer and Naval Swords are all battle ready swords that were primarily used in battle by foot soldiers and officers. While the swords used by the different army ranks were all menacing and lethal to their enemy, foot soldiers typical had the more functional, plainer version of the category. Officers typically had the swords with extra functionality and they were also extremely well made. Artistry was in high demand for officers swords. Engraving, embellished pommels and decorative fixtures and different metals were popular. Calvary, Officer and Naval Swords are one of the most popular categories at Swords of the forge because of the decorative value, but also for the historical significance of some of the swords to American history. Many collectors appreciate these weapons not only for their beauty but for the association with American battle history. Swords of the Forge carries only swords that are created to a very high standard. Because swords are our passion, we want to ensure that you are happy which is why we offer a total satisfaction guarantee.

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