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Greek Armor

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The ancient Greeks were known for their fierceness in battle. So great were their armies that the biggest threat was the deadly friction between warring city states. This conflict eventually led to the devastating and bloody Peloponnesian War, a decades-long battle between Athens and Sparta. Get a sense of the strength and power of ancient Greek soldiers by donning their battle wear available from our wide selection of Greek armor. Grab an Armor Stand to proudly display your gear, or check out our sandals and vambraces inspired by the hit epic film 300. From muscled cuirasses to more humble but no less stunning Greek Hoplite Leather Armor, you are sure to find something to fit your tastes. Our Royal Greek Armor Complete set includes a tunic, helmet, cuirass, and sandals?everything you need to become a true Greek soldier. To complete your look, we also offer shields and helmets. Head over to our Greek helmets page to find our other items to complete your costume or collection.

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