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Medieval Hand-and-Half Swords

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Armor Venue’s online store is known for its array of swords: among them is the Hand and a Half Swords. Primarily used for thrusting, this sword was particularly big and long. Not only extremely sharp this sword was menacing looking with a thick blade and grip which accommodated up to two hands. The bigger grip allowed for the user to put major force behind each blow and to use more precision with the guide of the second hand to target the enemy better. These swords because of their size were heavier than their thinner, shorter counterparts. Hand and a Half swords were introduced somewhere around the 16th century and were used for vicious attacks by foot soldiers. Our forged swords are very high quality and are excellent products to be used in historical reenactments or productions. Swords of the Forge’s policy is to offer only the best products that we can find. To back that up, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all sales. Should you not be completely satisfied you may return your product for a complete refund. Should you have any questions about our products, please email us or give us a call at 612-562-9923.

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