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Pirate Swords

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Whether fighting off invaders on deck or enemies on land, the life of a pirate was indeed a dangerous one and they had to be armed and ready for battle at all times. The most common weapon of these swashbuckling buccaneers was the cutlass, which was a short, single-edged broadsword. This slashing weapon allowed for easy portability and quick access for close combat fighting, which most fights were. In addition to wounding adversaries with the blade’s sharp edge, the flat side was also used to beat prisoners. Based on historical design from these weapons of the Golden Age of piracy, Armor Venue is pleased to offer our line of pirate swords which are sure to please.

A pirate is not a pirate without their sword, so arm yourself and get ready for battle. Featuring a wide array, our pirate swords are great for costumes, re-enactment, and displays. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call at -800-315-0377.

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