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Arabian Swords and Scimitars

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Arabian Swords and Scimitars are highly prized for their curved shape. They originated in the Middle East. Armor Venue swords in this category include: the Khopish, a thick semi-circular shaped sword, the Scimitar Chrome Sword, which has a swoop of a curve at its very tip, the Warrior Scimitar of Persia, which is the type of sword we tend to see most readily on Arabian figures, the Scorpion Sword and the Saracen Sword, which has a thicker curved blade and a shorter stout grip. Swords of the Forge prides itself on providing our customers with only highly quality, beautiful crafted Swords and Scimitars. These swords are fabulous weapons to display and to use for historical productions or reenactments. For this reason, we offer a 100 percent guarantee should you not be pleased with your purchase for any reason.

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