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Medieval, Roman, Greek, and Viking Shields

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Complete your costume or collection with our high quality shields! Whether you are looking for wall hanging medieval shields with chains or SCA battle ready shields, we have it all. Our Roman shields are extremely popular with churches for passion plays and also for costumes and reenactments. Browse below on the different categories to see our complete line of products.

Battle isn't always about charges, cuts and thrusts. Sometimes, defense can be the quickest path to victory. Our assortment of shields will protect you from enemy blows, leaving you hail and hearty to charge into your next battle, whether it's a re-enactment of the Battle of Agincourt or an interior design stand-off with the Joneses. Our classic medieval shields provide a taste of chivalry with their vibrant, colorful hand-painted designs perfect for stage props or home display. If you're looking for a shield for battle reenactments, we have a stunning range of SCA battle shields with equally arresting heraldry, from the Crusaders' Cross to the fleur-de-lys. Made of heavy-duty 16-gauge steel, these shields are able to withstand the shock of actual reenactment combat. We also carry Roman shields and a selection of soft but form-keeping LARP shields for interactive gaming. From home decoration to live-action role-play, Armor Venue has a shield for would-be warrior.