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Medieval Swords

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The design of early medieval swords was similar to the Roman spatha, but featured a wider fuller and a wooden guard and pommel. As time passed, guards became bigger evolving into cross guards and pommels became more rounded. These developments led to the two handed long sword, which allowed for greater reach and power. During this time, some swords, such as the falchion, also shifted to single-edged blades. As advances in armor gave rise to plate armor, sword blades became tapered with sharper points. In addition to being a weapon of defense, swords served as a status symbol for many as well. It is impossible to imagine the Middle Ages without swords and with Armor Venue’s line of medieval swords, you don’t have to! Boasting a wide selection of swords through the medieval centuries, the perfect one is waiting for you!

Whether you are engaging in hand to hand combat, fighting on horseback, or on the battlefield, we have the right sword to get the job done. Based on historical design, our medieval swords are great for costumes, re-enactments, and display. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call at 1-800-315-0377.

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