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Get the real deal with our vast selection of LARP leather armor. Earthy, rustic and durable, you're sure to fit in with the crowd should you travel back in time—or to the reenactment field. Medieval leather armor was typically used either over or under chainmail for added protection in battle. Leather provides the wearer with a flexibility that other materials cannot and creates an attractive, historically accurate appearance.

Our magnificent leather body armor comes in a variety of sizes and corresponds to every walk of medieval life, from kings to brigands. Along with the soldier’s traditional leather LARP armor, we also sell more unique Celtic and Viking leather armor designs for those who have a specific themed look in mind. If you’re interested in playing a fantastical character, you can also find leather armor for orcs and elves at Armor Venue. Female warriors will be pleased to know that we also carry leather armor that is perfectly stylized to fit the feminine form while still providing battle protection.

Attractive, functional, and perfect for LARP, our leather armor is form fitting but flexible and comfortable, adjusting to a variety of sizes. Pick up a chest piece to complete your existing collection, or go the whole hog and check out our King Tunic and Armor Package.

If you're a knight intent on training a page, we also carry children's LARP leather body armor. Perfect for reenactment aficionados, our leather body armor will get better with age, withstanding even the fiercest of battles. For collectors, these pieces are a subtle but beautiful alternative to some of the more opulent suits of armor.

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