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The development of plated armor was a boon to knights and soldiers across Europe. This armor changed the shape of the battlefield?and called for more imaginative means to fight. To restore the balance, new maces and war hammers were developed to crush the plates and inflict damage on even the most resilient armor.

As a decorative piece, a full suit of armor can't be beat. As a costume, it's unparalleled. Our handmade suits of armor are available in a wide variety of historical styles and regions, from Gothic to the Crusades-era and Spanish to Milanese. We even carry suits of armor based on those of famous and valiant knights, such as Phillip II Golden Etched Suit of Armor or the opulent Carlos V Golden Plated Suit of Armor. For those whose tastes run more spartan, we have European Knight Armor and a top-rated Classic Suit of Armor. We carry both display (Crusader armor) and wearable suits of armor (such as our White Knight). Please read each product page for more details.