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Roman Helmets

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While Roman armor wasn't nearly as advanced as the plate armor of the late medieval period, a Roman soldiers' life could be saved or lost when it came to his helmet. The lobed sides of these helmets may seem strange at first glance, but in fact they are neck guards?a saving grace when it came to heavy blows. Red plumes on pieces such as our Greco Roman Helmet or our Gallic Centurion Roman Helmet. Gladiator helmets, however, were much more spectacular. They often signaled the type of gladiator, comforming to a ?theme,? such as the murmillo, whose helmet was fish-shaped, or the andabata, who fought blind, wearing a helmet that deprived his vision. Our own offerings range from the simple, plain Roman Guard Helmet to the opulent brass Gladiator Helmet with an interlocking looped grill and embellished crest at the top. These helmets represent the wildly different walks of life across the Roman Empire with each style and meticulous historical detail.