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Medieval Replica Battle Axes

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Armor Venue offers a wide range of impressive Battles Axes to choose from for your collection or reenactment purposes. These weapons visually terrorized their enemies through their large broad single or double edged blades. Forged with precision to highly polished edges, points and rounded curves, coupled with thick long handles, these weapons were the rage in their day on the battlefield. If you encountered an enemy with this weapon chances are no one was coming out of a fight unscathed. Some of the axes we offer include (where available). Valkyrie’s Battle Axe, the 17th century Viking Battle Axe, the Bearded Axe Antique Finish, Hero’s Axe, the Dragon Axe and the Perrins Axe. Swords of the Forge seeks to provide you with the highest quality regardless of your budget size. We are a money back guarantee as we believe you will be pleased with our products.

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