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When it comes to Scottish fashion, nothing is more iconic than the kilt. Hailed as the “national dress of Scotland, the kilt bears deep cultural roots and has become a symbol of patriotism, honor, and identity to Scots. These garments made their first appearance in the 16th century where they wore worn by Gaelics as full length pieces which draped over the shoulders or were pulled over the head. They were also worn by British military as uniforms. The more common knee length kilt emerged in the 17th century where tarten patterns entered the scene. Colors of these garments were dyed and pretty basic, such as white, green, and brown. From the style evolved the great kilt which introduced the plaid pattern. This type was worn with cloth gathered at the waist and belted. While variations of this design sprung up through the centuries, this version of the kilt is the blue print for the kilts that followed, including the ones of modern day. Keeping Scotland’s pride alive, Armor Venue is pleased to offer our line of Scottish and Celtic clothing featuring kilts, shirts, and more.

Whether dressing for a Renaissance fair or looking for a stylish costume to stand out, our Highland attire will do the job nicely. If you have any questions, feel free to call us at 1-800-315-0377.

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