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Pirate Clothing

Shiver me timbers! Look ye in the distance and see a baggy shirt tucked into a pair of tight pants with black boots. And dost thine eyes deceive me as a skull and crossbones hat rests atop the head. This apparel can only mean one thing…a pirate there be near by. While sailing the high seas, this was the basic attire a pirate was known to wear and now it’s your turn to step into this swashbuckling garb. With Armor Venue’s line of pirate clothing, becoming one of these colorful buccaneers has never been more accessible. Featuring a wide array of shirts, pants, vests, coats, and other pieces for men, women, and kids, Everyone can join in the adventure, danger, and excitement.

Whether you are attending a Renaissance faire, participating in a re-enactment, or looking for the perfect costume for your next party, our pirate clothing is sure to do the job. If ye have any questions, give us a call at 1-800-315-0377.