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Viking Warrior Helmets

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Known for their brutal conquests and unusual mythology, the Vikings are the subject of legend, fiction and films, having captivating our imaginations since their invasion of Britain. They may no longer pillage Europe or roam the seas, but the legacy of the Vikings will never be forgotten. We offer the popular vision of Norse warriors with our fearsome horned Viking helmets, such as our best-selling Viking Warrior Helmet, as well as more historically accurate Coppergate helmets, based on the 8th century version found in York. For those who liked a little bling, our opulent Viking Winged Helmet is an extravagant conversation piece at a very reasonable price. If you're planning on wearing your new Viking helmet, pick up one of our Helmet Arming Caps for comfort and protection. For those who want to show off their new helmet for all to see, check out our Helmet Stand, perfect for display.

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