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Scottish Claymore Swords

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Armor Venue is pleased to offer a nice selection of Claymore Swords. Claymore Swords are prized Celtic swords that originated in the Scottish Highlands in the Medieval period. They are typically decorative featuring a very large broad blade, which is typically quite long. The term “Claymore’ originated from the Celtic language – meaning, Great Sword. It’s a menacing large sword that was used to not only kill / maim its enemy but obviously to intimidate. The Claymore usually has a metal pommel, large hand grip, and a very large blade. The blades can range very 36 inches and weigh around 5 lbs. They were no easy task to carry or wield back in the day. Made from carbon steel, you are assured a high quality impressive sword for display, reenactments or historical productions/plays. Because Swords of the Forge stands by our quality we also offer a satisfaction guarantee should you not be happy with your purchase for any reason. Should you have any questions about our products, please email us or give us a call at 612-562-9923.

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