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Outmatch, outlast, and out-style your foes with our extensive line of armor. From fearsome samurai gear to Gladiator- and 300-inspired getups you're sure to cut a striking figure in our full suits of armor. If you're a die-hard medieval buff, why not inspect the historical accuracy of our chainmail and gauntlets? If it's all Greek to you, our Hellenic armor ranges from sumptuous Royal Armor to the more spartan (no pun intended) Hoplite Leather Armor. Our full suits of armor are fully wearable and based on real historical artifacts-perfect for an impressive, spooky display, or cut a striking figure by donning it yourself. Our armor isn't just metal and chain: we sell garments and padding, too. Wool Templar cloaks and linen surcoats add mystery and style to protective chainmail, while our arming jacket is great for stomping around the stables or poaching in the king's forest. Ideal for costumes, reenactments, media productions, or collection. We have medieval armor, Roman armor, Greek armor, and so much more. We even have the largest selection of full suits of armor. Click on the categories below to see our extensive line of products.