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Medieval & Renaissance Knight Helmets

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At the height of its popularity, jousting was one of the most important sports in medieval culture. As a result, arms, especially medieval helmets, were produced to be protective, efficient and most all, extremely ornate. Many knights were known not for their prowess or physical details, but by their magnificent armor. Despite the emphasis on aesthetic beauty, medieval helmets were by no means made with ?form over function? in mind. Our wide selection of medieval knight helmets is a comprehensive collection of various historical styles popular throughout medieval Europe.

These high-quality metal helmets are guaranteed to both protect your head and make you look and feel like a medieval era warrior. Our medieval and renaissance knight helmets are handcrafted through traditional techniques and precise machine engineering to produce a diverse collection of historically-accurate products.

Our Crusader Great Helm was ubiquitous during the late 12th century, popular for two hundred years. Completely covering the head, this medieval helmet remained light while providing excellent protection?however, it was poorly ventilated, and many knights fell prey to arrows when they lifted it to breathe. Going further back in history, we offer a mysterious Berserker Steel Helmet, worn by ecstatic Viking warriors. We also have more imaginative offerings, with fantasy helmets such as the Elven King Helmet and the intriguing Black Ice Helmet. Whatever your needs, be it for reenactment, LARPing, or decorative display and conversation pieces, we have what you want. All you have to do is browse and buy!