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Two-Handed Swords

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For an impressive sword, Armor Venue offers Two Handed Swords. Also known as Great Swords or Zwelhander swords, they had very large grips which enabled soldiers to use two hands when wielding them in battle. Their large, long blades made this a necessity in order to guide their swords more effectively. Used in the 15th century, these swords ranged in size, but were often very big, longer than five feet in length and weighing as much as a small dog (at about 20 lbs). Soldiers had to be strong and robust to carry and use this weapon on a regular basis. Because of their size, Two Handed Swords were not ideal for thrusting because of their length, but were great wielding instruments, able to keep the enemy at bay with its menacing size. However, once the enemy invaded your personal space the sword offered little protection. Swords of the Forge Two Handed swords are forged to a hand standard. Great for reenactments and productions, we believe you will be impressed with this product. Our passion is all about swords and weaponry and so we guarantee every purchase with a total satisfaction guarantee. Should you have any questions about our products, please email us or give us a call at 612-562-9923.

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