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Pirate Swords

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Glorified in stories and books, the Pirate Sword is a favorite among sword collectors and by Armor Venue customers especially. We find that many customers have favorite characters of lore that draw them to these weapons, such as Captain Hook and Captain Ahabe from Moby Dick. Be that as it may, you will find our inventory of Pirate Swords impressive and of the finest quality. Pirate Swords while used for battle were multipurpose weapons. Being on the high seas, they served as sharp instruments to cut lines as necessary. However, they were also used to keep people in line on ships as well as to fight enemies. Our inventory includes such swords as: the Pirate’s Companion Sword, The Pirate Cutlass with Scabbard, the French Boarding Cutlass, and the High Seas Cutlass. You can find a number of more decorative swords in this group including those with brass baskets and a more ornate grip. Some have blades with a fine curve while others are more practical in design. The primary purpose of the Pirate Sword was to look menacing and to do a fine cutting job when necessary. Should you have any questions about our products, please email us or give us a call at 612-562-9923.

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