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Europe may have its valiant knights, but Japan has fearsome samurai. While samurai means ?those who serve the nobility,? these fierce warriors became a class unto themselves, immortalized in poems, legends, and films. Donning fearful masks with faces contorted, perhaps, in a cry to war, samurai armor was designed equally to provide protection and inspire fear in the enemy. Our samurai armor is fully wearable, presented in a handsome lacquered armor box. If samurai armor isn't part of your dress code, it also comes with a wooden frame to support a magnificent display: you'll impress your friends whether you wear it or not. Our extensive range of armor represents all of the most famous and legendary samurai throughout Japanese history. From Date Masamune, a fierce and calculating one-eyed tactician, to Oda Nobunaga, one of the most brutal samurai of his time, responsible for the unification of Japan.

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