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Renaissance Caps, Hats, and Crowns

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During the Renaissance era, hats were a requirement for men making an appearance in public. If an individual was caught without one, he would be penalized. In addition to serving as a head covering, hats were also a way to identify one’s social status. Typically made from wool, felt, or leather, lower classes wore simple flat caps. Middle classes wore flat caps as well, but distinguished themselves by wearing a feather in it. Upper class head gear was higher in length and known as a tall hat. Styles varied somewhat in shape and ranged from plain to fancy. Hats went a long way to enhance a man’s look and wifth Armor Venue’s line of Renaissance caps, hats, and crowns, you to can top off your period ensemble with the perfect finishing touch.

Whether you are a musketeer, a peasant, or a member of the nobility, our selection of hats will be great for your next Renaissance fair. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call us at 1-800-315-0377.

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