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Ready for your next LARP event, but don't have a shield? Add to your arsenal and complete your look with our selection of LARP shields. Made from special foam, our shields are designed to keep their shape after even the heaviest of blows. Painted with realistic, breathtaking detail and covered in a protective, non-toxic coating, they will also last for many LARPing years to come?much longer than wood or metal! Our Gaelic shields have a long, oval shape perfect for deflecting the swings of a sword or a rain of arrows. Available in 8 vivid colors and designs, such as deluxe silver or emerald green. For those whose tastes run a little darker, our Chaos shields have a more circular shape, with black backgrounds and flame accents. Made by manufacturers known for their quality work, such as Eagle Flex, Forgotten Dreams, and Epic Armoury, our LARP shields are perfect for stage productions, battle practice, and studio productions as well as live-action role playing events.

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