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Whether a knight was in training, fighting on horseback, running through the forest, or engaging in battlefield combat, they needed a way to carry their sword that would allow for easy access. Thus, belts and frogs were the way to go. As ring belts were common, a frog could attach to it giving a knight ability for quick sword draw. In addition to belts being practical, they were also decorative enhancements for medieval attire and an indication of one’s social status. As proof that a small touch can make a big difference, Armor Venue is pleased to offer our line of medieval belts and accessories. With belts for kings, knights, peasants, and outlaws, as well as sword frogs, and ring belts, you’ll find a wide selection fitting for any period wardrobe.

Simple, yet stylish, our belts and accessories are perfect for costumes and re-enactments. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1-800-315-0377.

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